Border Collie StudiesBorder Collie Studies
A4 softback - John Herries McCulloch's "Sheepdogs and their Masters" is a well known and popular classic. In 1951, the author was hoping to produce a third edition, but paper rationing made that impossible. Instead, he put his new ideas into an entirely new book, Border Collie Studies. The ISDS had just produced the first two volumes of its stud book, covering the first 40 years of the Society's existence, and readers were being encouraged to look at pedigrees, to understand the basics of genetics, and to look carefully at what went into the dogs that they were breeding. This book is particularly interesting because of the in depth study of J M Wilson's Cap (3036), which includes an extended pedigree, as well as a number of interesting contemporary photos. It also includes notes on modern genetics from Optigen.