Over the Hills and Far AwayOver the Hills and Far Away
Harford Logan has spent a lifetime working in partnership with his Border Collies - winning his very first sheepdog trial and then regularly taking home the Irish National Championship Cup. Here he candidly shares some of his magic - how he chooses his dogs, finds a way to communicate with them and be the handler which a dog of that quality deserves. On the way he introduces us to the characters and lifestyle of the farming world he grew up in during 1940s Ireland, his first trial successes in front of the handlers he revered as a young man, the joys and challenges of farming the Copeland Islands off County Down in Ireland and the mountainous Lagnaha in the Western Highlands of Scotland, and finally the antics and dramas of his many 'working' trips to North America, where he judged sheepdog trials and ran dog training clinics. This is a book you'll enjoy as much for its humour and insight into a clearly enjoyable way of life, as for the genuine advice you'll gain from a man who, for many, needs no introduction.